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Sponsor Benefits

In today's society, companies need customers to have sales and getting customers to come to a company for a product. Robotics teams need money, and a lot of it to function. This includes prices for travel, robot parts, tools, regristration expenses and other costs. If you as a company provide us with a monetary support of any amount that is seen as suitable, we will advertise the company in 3 forms. Printing your name and logo on our t-shirts, banner and a partition of the polycarbonate panel on our robot. This offers as advertisement and can help gain publicity to help get customers to consider purchasing your products. Both us, as a team gain money and you as a company get the advertisement that you need

About Us

FIRST Team #2643 “Dark Matter” is a robotics club from Santa Teresa High School in San Jose, California. It is made up of a group of students who share a common interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The team enjoys sharing their love and knowledge of robotics and engineering with their community in an effort to help the FIRST family grow. They participate in events such as the Bay Area Science Festival and Scout-a-Rama where they spoke to kids and parents about joining FIRST. Come support our team at these events!