FIRST Team #2643 - Santa Teresa Robotics Team

FLL Qualifier 2017

On Sunday, November 19th, Team 2643 Dark Matter will be hosting an FLL( FIRST Lego League ) qualifier. The challenge for this year's qualifier is Hydro Dynamics.


The qualifier will be hosted in the Santa Teresa High School gym.
6150 Snell Ave, San Jose, California 95123.
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Food can be pre-ordered by clicking here and must be filled out by the 17th of November. The available items are large Costco pizzas which can come with either Meat, Pepperoni, Cheese or Vegetarian, along with water and/or juice boxes.


8:00AM Team Check-In
8:30 AM Coaches Meeting in Design Judging Rm
9:00 AM Opening Ceremony
9:30 AM Judging - Group 1
9:30 AM Practice Game Round
10:35 AM Judging - Group 2
11:15 AM Robot Game Round 1
1:00 PM Judging - Group 3
1:30 PM Robot Game Round 2
2:15 PM Judging - Group 4
3:15 PM Robot Game Round 3
4:30 PM Pit Area Cleanup
4:45 PM Award Ceremony
5:30 PM Final Cleanup


Team Number Team Name
16806 Robo Retaliators
23831 Hydrologicals
31047 Knights
33396 Holy Spirit School Team 4242
34456 Holy Spirit School Team 4242b
31540 X-Bots
32821 Hydro Dynamos
33112 TRIIT
26265 Acqua
20721 Bricks and Motors
33488 Krazy Argo Kids
26118 Fantastic Four
30850 Robernation X
18632 Silver Dolphins
17679 Piranhas
32571 Black Scorpions


We will give out the following 6 awards plus "ACE" advancing certificates:
  • Champion's Award
  • Project Award
  • Core Values Award
  • Design Award
  • Robot Performance Award
  • Judges Award

For Coaches

Participation Certificate


Tournament director:
Debra Dimas -
Student tournament directors:
Cady Boronkay -
Erika Estrada -
Volunteer coordinator:
Tom Hashimoto -