Dark Matter is an FRC, FIRST Robotics Competition, team from Santa Teresa High School in San Jose, California. Every year Dark Matter and thousands of other FRC teams are given details for a specific game. The teams then have 6 weeks to build a robot to compete in that game.


Our team members are divided up into several groups that all manage a different part of the robot. The mechanical division is in charge of building the physical robot, electrical is in charge of wiring the robot, and programming is in charge of developing its software. Animation is in charge of making the team's safety animations and designing the team's graphics, including T-shirts and banners.


Dark Matter started with Gunderson High School in 2002. Santa Teresa High School joined Gunderson in 2005, making the Grizzly Saints. In 2007, we participated our first FIRST Robotics Competition and then changed our name to Dark Matter. Click here for our full history.


Our mentors are the most important part of our team. They teach us the skills we need to accomplish our yearly goal but make sure not to take over. They always manage to make time for us despite their busy lives and they are the reason inexperienced people can come into our club and learn everything we know.

Our Mission

The mission of Dark Matter is to spread the interest of math, science, and engineering throughout our community and to prepare our members for future careers. Every day, our members learn real life skills such as engineering, problem solving, time management, and software development. These set of skills prepare our members for almost any career, even outside of robotics.